Imp Pasotti
The art in cold forming

Cold extrusion and forging of steel and ferrous metals

The Company's imperative is the on processes and products applied technological innovation; this allows the achievement of a continuous increase of the qualitative standard.
The constant development of the production capacity had been possible thanks to a politic of continuous investments and the absolute conviction in their own potentialities.
It had been achieved to realize components exceeding the cold forming process's theoretical limits.
The Company turns therefore up as an ideal partner for that customer who intends to believe in a technical collaboration with its own supplier; this is testified by those innumerable individuated and on customers' side successfully adopted solutions.
Cold forming
Analyzing in a summarizing way the production process's phases, articles' realization has its own start in the cold forming phase; the raw material cut - obtained by the cutting of the wire - gets transformed through the multi stations deformation to a semi-finished or finished part.
Machining department
After the passage through the cold-forming department the component enters the machining department.
In this phase multi spindle turning machines and transfer machines execute workings to shape the article in its definitive geometrical dimensions.
Assembling of the components
At this point the component faces eventual heat and/or galvanic treatment, afterwards the article reaches the final phase, given by the assembling of the components as well as the automatic controlling of any geometrical and functional feature.