Steel extrusion

Metal forming process - Steel extrusion

Company profile - Research & development
To face successfully any challenge that the market proposes it is necessary to be innovative and to invest in Technology.
Believing I.M.P. firmly in the role that Research & Development covers it provided itself with powerful and complex software tools, involving transversally the Company.
The designing of cold-forming machines' destined tools is the starting point to get then to the physically construction of any single element.
The managing control of tools and utensils being generally in use is reserved to an on a vertical depot platform structured IT system.
Having set the reinstatement levels of any component, a correct scheduling of the spare parts construction activities within the "Tools" department is given.
The monitoring of utensils' wearing and breaking is entrusted to a bar code system, which has terminals on each plant. Thanks to this setting, data flow at any change into a system, allowing the forming of statistics. A virtuous mechanism gets so triggered off, being not orientated to the sole tools' reinstatement, but to the seeking of a continuous improvement.
Research & development
Research & development