Fastening solutions - Cold forming fasteners

Company profile - Industrial vision
Strategically our intention is to create a network of complementary companies that could be able to intercept all exigences related to cold forming of ferrous and non ferrous materials.
Pursuing growth and reinforcement, to be obtained also through outer channels, we are pleased to announce our first company acquisition, completed in December 2019.
Specifically with SATER (of which we have become the majority shareholders), with Headquarters in Turin – – and specialist in fasteners production (having at present 35 people for a turnover of 5 million Euros) we combine a company that will be capable to complete us thanks to:

Modularity: having installed presses from simple "double stroke" up to multi-station progressive Headers.
Flexibility: their structure permits to consider not only handling of high running items but also middle and little series.
Materials: besides common steels used in cold forming, also stainless steel and aluminium plus brass and copper.