Cold forming
Industrie Meccaniche Pasotti

The state of the art in cold forming

I.M.P. Pasotti, being active since 1954, is a worldwide leading company in steel cold forming, deforming, extrusion and forging processes. It implemented over the years the most advanced cold forming technology developing a sophisticated production of fittings, hinge pins and ferrules being destined to multiple industrial sectors.
I.M.P.'s productive potential is such that it guarantees maximum results even for a very elevated quantity of processed parts, while the cold forming Know-How reached by the Company consents to obtain total reliable products at prices being definitely restrained compared to any type of traditional processing.

Cold Forming

- Production sectors
Automotive cold forming
Automotive sector
Production of cold-formed fittings, hinge pins, ferrules and various elements for hydraulic pipelines, fixing assemblies, motor components and further numerous applications.
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Industrial cold forming
Industrial sector
Production of by cold forming obtained components, being processed based on a technical drawing of the customer and for the most various industrial applications.
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I.M.P. Pasotti - A company being in continuous expansion
Since the 50ies of last century until today I.M.P. Pasotti never ceased to expand itself and to improve its own productive potentialities by implementing new departments and installing new machines.

In 2018 the company completed its last extending works erecting 7 new sheds being destined to a produced parts' assembling – inspection area. The company extends by now over a 75.500 m² area, of which 30.000 m² are covered.
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Cold forging
Industrial vision
With the purpose to propose a more and more complete range of manufactures, I.M.P. Pasotti entered the path of acquiring production realities being able to integrate, with their own specialization, the scale of to our customers addressed services.

In December 2019 I.M.P. became majority shareholder of the in the Turin area settled historic company SATER. Since ever a market reference point referred to the production of cold forged fasteners, the company is endowed with a remarkable flexibility in quantities managing and it is capable to work materials as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.
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